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Reclining Squat Smith Machine Fuckarounditis


Kettlebell Body Bridge Fuckarounditis

Kettle Ball Body Bridge Fuckarounditis

Got bored with 125 lbs in each hand on dumbbell bench so kettlebell body bridges was logically the next step up.

Smith Machine Calf Raise Fuckaronditis

Smith Machine Calf Raise Fuckarounditis

Is that Detlef Schrempf trying to make a comeback doing inverted smith machine calf raises in his Seattle Supersonics jersey?

Plyo Box Assisted Handstand Pushup Fuckarounditis

Plyo Box Handstand Fuckarounditis

For massive shoulder gains do plyo box assisted handstand pushups while your trainer spots your camel toe.

Olympic Weight Lifting Tire Snatch Fuckarounditis

Olympic Weight Lifting Tire Snatch Fuckarounditis


Introducing,  Olympic Weight Lifting Tire Snatch Fuckarounditis – one upping the swiss ball snatch. For added calf support and comfort always be sure to wear your striped tube socks.